Sell to anyone in Brazil with
PEC Flash®

PEC Flash® is a cash payment method created for e-commerce. Consumers in Brazil can pay their online purchases at any lottery agency, without the need to have a bank account, credit card or even printing anything. To top it off, the payment is confirmed in just a few minutes.

PEC Flash™
13,043 locations in Brazil
13,043 locations in Brazil
PEC Flash™

How it works

How do you pay
by PEC Flash®?

By Brazilian regulation, banks and lottery agencies require a printed boleto bancário for cash payments. However, most Brazilians do not have a printer at home, causing a critical hurdle when consumers intend to pay for online purchase with cash.

With PEC Flash®, payees simply inform the lottery agency clerk of the code given by the store at the time of the purchase, as well as their Brazilian tax ID (CPF). Payments are confirmed within instants, and buyers may pay at any time during lottery agencies opening hours – including weekends and holidays.

1. Choose
PEC Flash®

It is easy, fast and safe. You simply need to choose the PEC Flash® option at the checkout to generate a code for payment.

2. Go to a lottery

Take the company code and your CPF to a lottery agency and inform the clerk that you wish to pay a PEC. If you have more than one PEC Flash® payment pending, you should also present the title number displayed when the purchased is finalized.

3. Payment confirmation
in under 15 minutes

After paying at the lottery agency, the order will be confirmed to the store very quickly.

PEC Flash™

For everyone

PEC Flash®
was created
for all Brazilians

  • Cash payment
  • No bank account needed
  • No credit or debit card needed
  • No need to print a payment slip
  • Payment can be done at any lottery agency

For your business

With PEC Flash® you can sell anywhere in Brazil

PEC Flash™
The Brazilian market

Brazil has more than 150 million internet users and approximately 60 million of them purchase online. However, many of them do not own a credit or debit card and nearly 55 million Brazilians do not even have a bank account.

In spite of that, the vast majority of the unbanked have access to the internet and purchases online when alternative payment methods, such as PEC Flash®, are available.

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About us

A glimpse of
our story

PEC Flash® was created by PagBrasil, a Brazilian fintech company dedicated to online payment processing. PagBrasil’s story started over 20 years ago, but it was thanks to the encounter in 2010 between our co-founders, Alex Hoffmann and Ralf Germer, that the company PagBrasil, as it is today, was created.

Since then, PagBrasil has kept its focus on innovation, with the goal of making e-commerce available for the entire Brazilian population, providing the best payment solutions for online businesses.
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